Home-Start Familiekontakten Norge

Home-Start Familiekontakten Norge

Mailing address: Postboks 1 Røa, 0701 Oslo, Norway Visitor address: Tore Hals Mejdellsvei 8, 0751 Oslo (Samfunnshus Vest), Norway

Phone :+47 22 06 51 00

National coordinator: Morten Singstad Organisational consultant: Jarle Reinert Heia Communication and Marketing: Cathrine N. Mellem

Organization number: 984 410 441

About us

Home-Start has been active in Norway since 1995. The first scheme started in the city of Trondheim. The Government granted money for a National office in 2000, and the office now has 3 employees.

The idea of adopting Home-Start came from a group of professionals who had been visiting Leicester, to see what Margaret Harrison (the founder of Home-Start) had started.

Norway has 36 schemes spread across the country. Some of the schemes have more than one coordinator employed, making a total of 50 coordinators. Norway has a well-developed welfare system and Home-Start is in addition to this and not instead of.

In 2017 we supported 1082 families with a total of 2293 children. The number of volunteers was 793.

Home-Start Norway has made very good progress, being accepted both in the local communities and by the Government. The Ministry of Children and Equality regularly mention Home-Start in their plans for children and young people’s physical health. Funding for Home-Starts national office in Norway is received from the Government.

Operators of the local schemes can be either the municipality itself or an organisation that is run by the municipality, such as Salvation Army, City Mission, YMCA / YWCA, Blue Cross etc. Today 14 schemes are operated by a municipality and the others by an organisation or a foundation and most of the operating grants come from the municipality in which they operate. Before they start up they need to have been approved by the national board and sign a cooperation agreement with the national office. New schemes need to have at least 1 coordinator employed in a 50% position.

Home-Start Norway hosted the Home-Start Worldwide Global Conference in Oslo in 2014. Margaret Harrison was with us, and we have many good memories of being with her.

"Amazing that two hours a week spread so much positive energy into my life!" Volunteer "Before I got in contact with HSF, I was very much sad .... the volunteer has supported me so now I can smile. She has given me hope that I too may be able to give my children a good life, in spite of my situation." Single mum