Home-Start Hungary

Home-Start Hungary

National Organiser for Schemes Monika Lehöcz

Otthon Segitunk Alapitvany (H-S Hungary) Bartok Bela ut 37 H-1114 Budapest Hungary Tel/Fax: +361 209 34 30 Email:

About us

Mission Statement Home-Start Hungary is a family support network. It provides friendship and practical help to families with young children. It is free of charge and works in a preventive way by training volunteers to help strengthen families and thereby strengthening the local community.

How it has grown In the first years Home-Start Hungary trained a group of 10-15 organisers for a total of 140 hours every year. At this time, training of a new group of organisers depends on the availability of financial resources and the actual demand of the network building. The organiser's job is to build up a scheme in their area and make it work with the help of volunteers and based on the local possibilities. H-SH not only coordinates their work, but provides a professional support structure for the teamwork.