Home-Start Denmark

Home-Start Denmark

HOME-START Familiekontakt Danmark

Chair of the National Board: Anni Rosengren Korsbæk

Mageløs 12, 5000 Odense C

Director: Tine Jerris

Telephone: +45 6220 7711

National Coordinator: Berit Yding Sørensen

Mobile: +45 2342 7720



About us

In 2017, 522 fantastic families with a total of 1140 children were supported by one of our 419 wonderful volunteers. The number of families supported by HOME-START Familiekontakt increased by 20 percent compared to 2016. This great result was achieved despite the fact that the total number of Home-Start schemes in Denmark did not change.

The Home-Start concept was introduced to Denmark in 2002 by Lone Møller, a Danish social worker. In the beginning Lone drove around Denmark matching families with volunteers found in the neighborhood. The need for this wonderful voluntary support was obvious.

Over a few years a more formal approach became required and Home-Start Familiekontakt was officially founded in 2006, organised with a national board, a national secretariat and local schemes, run by local coordinators and local boards throughout Denmark. The national secretariat supports the local schemes with activities related to competence building, quality assurance and communication. Also, the secretariat launches new national projects to strengthen the value of the HOME-START concept. Last but not least, the secretariat establishes new schemes, so that Home-Start Familiekontakt can support still more families. In 2018 Home-Start Denmark has a total of 13 schemes.

All but one of our local schemes are funded by the local municipalities, supplemented by public grants, private funds and profits from Home-Start recycling shops. The national secretariat receives inquiries from families from all over Denmark and is always in search of possibilities to start new schemes through ongoing dialogue with politicians and officials in municipalities. The national secretariat is funded by private foundations and governmental grants. We now work to achieve stable funding from the Danish government for at least 3-4 years to concentrate on supporting existing local schemes and establishing even more. In our dialogue with parliamentary politicians we experience great support for Home-Start Denmark.

Some of our local coordinators use pictures and quotes to capture the magical power inherited in the Home-Start relationship.